Thermoplastic Playground Marking

Thermoplastic playground markings are non toxic, contain no lead or chromates and are non slip.
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Thermoplastic Playground Marking

A playground can provide the perfect space for children to play, learn and develop. At Lines R Us, we provide a comprehensive school playground markings service and specialise in the design and creation of fun, colourful and interactive multi-use games areas.

Whether your school requires maths playground markings or traditional playground games, we can lay any shape or game that you require, including hopscotch, snakes and ladders, number squares, A to Z and throwing targets. We can even enlarge and reproduce your school logo, creating a professional and visually appealing finish to your playground.

Here at Lines R Us, we only use the most superior materials and lay school playground markings using thermoplastic. The most cost effective and durable marking material, it is available hand-formed or pre-formed, and offers great flexibility and a long life span.

We tailor all of our services to your individual requirements, so simply give us a call today for more information and a free quote!

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